Campaign against Labour’s borrowing plans

Labour are at their old tricks again. Having nearly borrowed the country into financial ruin, now they want to do the same in Hull!

As part of their budget plans for the year ahead they plan to borrow £45million. To put it simply they want to max out the Council’s credit card.

This would leave Council Tax-payers like you having to repay that debt – estimates suggest £2m a year. This is £2 million every year that could be used to freeze Council Tax or spend on front line services like libraries and street cleaning.

And what will they use the money on? More of their pet projects – shiny new buildings while at the same time making cuts to front line services.

Every Council borrows money from time to time. However, Labour’s plans would lead to Council Tax-payers paying off a huge debt for a generation – we don’t want to see that happen.

Local Lib Dem councillors want to stop these plans and you can help us today by joining the campaign.

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