Save East Hull Baths from closure

East_Hull_Baths.jpgLabour bosses on Hull Council have announced plans to axe the East Hull Swimming Baths on Holderness Road.

Local campaigner Diana Hatcher said: “The baths are well used by hundreds of people in our area - it is where I first learnt to swim. To shut the baths would be a disaster for our community.”

Diana, alongside local Lib Dem councillors Linda Chambers and Adam Williams, has launched a petition to save the baths.
Labour’s Guildhall bosses have recently wasted £380,000 on new offices in the city centre, but claim there is no money to keep East Hull Baths open.

Cllr Adam Williams added: “There have been no answers from Labour as to what would happen with the building if the baths closed. It is also not long ago that a lot of money was spent on redeveloping the baths.”

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