Increase Policing on Holderness Road

Many residents and businesses along Holderness Road have told us that they're concerned about increases in crime and anti-social behaviour.

In recent months there have been incidents of vandalism, shoplifting, burglaries and violence along Holderness Road.

Local Lib Dem campaigner Kalvin Neal alongside councillors Linda Chambers, Jackie Dad, Diana Hatcher, Linda Tock and Adam Williams, are calling for an increase in police patrols around Holderness Road. The Lib Dem Team have written to the Police and Crime Commissioner, calling for Holderness Road to be made a priority area for extra police staff.

You can back the campaign for a stronger police presence in the Holderness Road area by signing and sharing the petition below.


We call on Humberside Police to increase police numbers and patrols in the Holderness Road area. Residents and shop staff along Holderness Road deserve to feel safe.

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