Fix the pavements on Saltash Road

Pickering Ward Lib Dems Maria Coward, Claire Thomas and Abigail Bell are calling for the pavements to be improved on Saltash Road.


The Lib Dem team ran a campaign previously to get the pavements fixed, and now the Council has scheduled some of the pavements for repair. But the repairs will miss out big stretches of Saltash Road.

“The pavements on Saltash Road are in a really bad state,” said Maria, “when the Council is coming to resurface some of the pavements you would think they would do all of them at the same time.”

“Doing half a job just isn’t good enough,” said Claire. “Now we need your help to call on the Council to resurface the full stretch while they are here"

Please sign our petition to get the pavements fixed on Saltash Road!

I call on Hull City Council to fix the pavements on the whole of Saltash Road


Will you sign?