Thank You

Thank you to everybody who voted in the elections on Thursday 7 May.

For the last five years, the Liberal Democrats have been a positive force for liberal values in Government. It is ironic that the most popular policies of the last five years – the cut in income tax, the guaranteed annual rise in the state pension, extra money for local schools – were all Lib Dem policies that the Conservatives wouldn’t have implemented if left on their own.

As you have probably heard, Labour held onto the Westminster seat and control of the City Council. The Lib Dems came within 110 votes of gaining two council wards from Labour in Hull – but sadly fell short by just 44 and 65 votes respectively.

But despite the disappointment, on Thursday, since the polls closed over 13,000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats across Britain – and the number keeps on rising.

People understand that now more than ever Britain needs a progressive, liberal voice in politics to stand up to both Labour and the Conservatives.

And here in Hull, the Liberal Democrats remain the challengers to Labour domination on the Council. Hull – and Britain – needs the Liberal Democrats more than ever before.

If you were disappointed with the outcome on Thursday, then now is the time to take action. You can join us for as little as £1 per month. Just click here.

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