Council Tax Freeze Motion

At a meeting of councillors tomorrow (Thursday) opposition Lib Dem councillors will call for Council Tax to be frozen in this year's budget.

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People’s priorities raised with the council

Opposition Lib Dem councillors at a meeting of councillors on Thursday will be asking a series of questions submitted by members of the public.

The questions cover a range of topics, from concerns around flooding, litter collection, city centre regeneration and how to grow business in the city.

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Cuts to bus services

Opposition councillors are today warning that threats to cut bus routes in Hull will devastate communities and isolate people who depend on public transport on a daily basis.

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Further cuts to the Holderness Road CSC and library

Opposition Lib Dem councillors have launched a campaign calling for customer service centre cuts to be reversed.

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Opposition call for a halt to Council spend on cuts consultants

Opposition Lib Dem councillors are calling for Labour councillors to stop spending money on consultants to advise on cut to Adult Social Care.

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Support with home insurance around flooding

Lib Dem councillors in Hull want people to be aware of the support the can receive with flood insurance.

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Lib Dems Call for Council Tax Freeze

Opposition Lib Dem councillors are calling for Hull’s Council Tax to be frozen this year.

Labour councillors have put up Council Tax over a number of years and it is thought highly likely they plan to do it again in 2016.

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Labour councillors postpone Police Commissioner questioning

Hull City Council’s Labour councillors have postponed a full council question time with the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Commissioner, Matthew Grove, had been due to attend the January 2016 meeting to answer councillors’ questions.

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Lib Dems demand a halt to consultant hire by Council

Lib Dem councillors on Hull City Council have called for a stop on the decision to spend up to £415,000 on consultants to advise on £20million of Social Care cuts.

Labour councillors are planning to spend £170,000 initially to write a business case, followed by £240,000 for further advice on what cuts to make to Adult Social care.

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Call for inquiry into the ‘sale’ of the Merchant Navy Memorial

A Lib Dem councillor has today called for an independent inquiry to be held into the attempted sale of the Merchant Navy memorial.

The call comes after it was revealed earlier this week that a scrap metal dealer had been offered the propeller and anchor from the Memorial.

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