Council asked to sign ‘Pledge to Peace’

Hull Lib Dems have asked for the Council to sign the ‘Pledge to Peace’.

Councillor Mike Ross in a letter to the Leader, Councillor Steve Brady, asked if he would sign the ‘Pledge to Peace’ on behalf of the Council.

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Public shocked by Labour councillors’ failure to prioritise mental health

Members of the public have expressed shock and outrage at the failure of Labour councillors to make mental health a priority.

At a recent council meeting, the Liberal Democrats called for the Council to make mental health a priority.

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£700k on new offices - but no money to keep vital services open

Opposition Liberal Democrat councillors have slammed a decision by the Council to spend £700,000 on new city centre offices within days of closing two Customer Service Centres.

The Holderness Road and Ings CSCs closed permanently from 1st April, with other CSCs in Orchard Park and Bransholme having their hours cut dramatically. The closure of the Holderness Road CSC came despite a 700 petition from local residents calling for it to remain open.

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Lib Dems win new rights for tenants and landlords

The Liberal Democrats have successfully ensured the Government adopt proposals to ensure the money of tenants and landlords is properly protected.

The Government has agreed to adopt the findings of his report by Liberal Democrat peer Lord Monroe Palmer. The report’s findings would make it mandatory for all lettings agents to have Client Money Protection.

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Hull Lib Dems: Make Mental Health a Priority

Hull’s Lib Dem councillors are calling for the Council to make mental health a priority.

At a meeting of councillors they will call for the Council to play a bigger role in improving the mental health for people in our community and tackling inequalities in health.

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Lib Dems: Labour mismanagement has led to Hull Council's finance crisis

Lib Dem opposition councillors are set to slam Hull's Labour administration over their mismanagement of the Council's finances.

At Thursday’s budget council meeting, they will accuse Labour of 'maxing out the Council's credit card'.

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Councils facing £2.6bn hole in social care funding – Lib Dems

The Local Government Association (LGA) has warned local councils face a £2.6 billion shortfall in funding for social services by 2020.

Analysis by the LGA has estimated 57 social care authorities will be worse off in 2016/2017.

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Councillor calls for playing field clean-up

A councillor has called for Princess Elizabeth Playing Fields in North Hull to be cleaned up.

Local Councillor Dave McCobb recently took Council managers to see the appalling condition of the playing fields first-hand.

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Liberal Democrats call for Government to invest properly in social care

Opposition Lib Dem councillors are set to slam the Government's response to dealing with the funding crisis in social care. 

Late last year the Government attempted to shift the burden of the social care gap onto local councils by allowing them to increase council tax further.

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Lib Dems demand apology from the Sun and Daily Mail

Hull’s Lib Dem councillors are demanding an apology from the Sun and Daily Mail newspapers over their coverage of Hull’s City of Culture opening week.

At a meeting of councillors next Thursday (19 January) they will demand the newspapers apologise for the unfair, negative and insulting coverage of the city.

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