“Time Hull’s Labour bosses took responsibility” say Lib Dems

Opposition Lib Dem councillors have spoken out after the news emerged that a senior council officer has left the authority with massive overspends in their service. 

The Lib Dems have laid the blame firmly at the feet of the ruling Labour group and called on them to take responsibility for the financial situation at the council.

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“Hull risks being left out in the cold” – say Lib Dems

Hull’s opposition Lib Dem group has criticised the ruling Labour group on the city council for failing to get the city into any regional devolution deal, that could mean missing out millions of pounds of investment into the city.

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Opposition councillors to push for administration to reconsider cuts

Next week opposition councillors will push on the Labour administration to reconsider multi-million pound cuts to the Council’s budget.

Lib Dem councillors will make the call at an emergency meeting of councillors on Monday.

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New crossing to be installed at dangerous East Hull road

A new crossing is due to be installed in the next few weeks on Ellis Street, east Hull, after years of campaigning.

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Lib Dem councillors ‘call-in’ Labour’s panic cuts

Hull Lib Dem opposition councillors have today ‘called-in’ a decision by Labour councillors to make millions of pounds of panic cuts over the Council’s summer recess.

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Lib Dems call on Labour to halt £360,000 Guildhall spend‏

Lib Dem councillors are calling on labour councillors to reconsider spending £360,000 on the Guildhall, while at the same time making cuts elsewhere.

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Councillor Mike Ross: “I am proud to live in a diverse and tolerant society”

At a meeting of councillors next week, Lib Dem Leader, Councillor Mike Ross will be calling for the Council to tackle racism and xenophobia.

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What have they got to hide? Make decision making in Hull more public - say Lib Dems

At this week's meeting of Hull Council, Lib Dem opposition members are set to call for more openness from decision makers in the city. 

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Council failing to get the basics right - say Lib Dems

Hull's Lib Dem opposition are pressing Council bosses to do more to prioritise getting basic services like street cleaning and maintenance right. 

Lib Dem councillor Terry Keal said: "Hull's Labour Council is once again failing to get the basics right. 


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Liberal Democrats speak out against Government’s Housing changes

Liberal Democrats in Hull have spoken out after a report released last week highlights concerns about the Housing Bill homelessness increase in communities across Britain.

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