Labour’s Living Wage Woes – Lib Dems call for action from Labour Leadership

Labour councillors have today been accused of failing to respond properly to the growing pressure for the introduction of a Living Wage at the Council.

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Official Opening for Dragon Park and Butterfly Park

Claire Thomas and Abigail Bell were really pleased to be able to attend the official opening of Dragon Park and Butterfly Park- the two parks on the former Tilbury and Bethune school sites.

Although they have opened rather later than we would have wanted, it's great to see them open for everyone to use at last.

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Lib Dem group respond to Adult Social Care Cuts

The Liberal Democrat group on Hull City Council have spoken out after the Council’s Cabinet made cuts to Adult Social Care.

The decision will see just under £1m removed from the service this year and over £2.5m every year after that.

Two day care centres are set to close, with one older people’s care home effectively closed and sweeping changes to a number of other services to elderly and vulnerable residents.

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Lib Dems attack £100,000 waste on boundary review

Hull’s Liberal Democrat group have condemned the ruling Labour administration has for wasting thousands of pounds of tax-payers money. 

The condemnation follows the publication of an interim report by the Independent Commission set up by Hull City Council to explore the city’s boundaries with the East Riding.

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Former Tilbury School site park open to the public

Lib Dem Councillors Claire Thomas and Abigail Bell have welcomed the news that the park at the former Tilbury School site has been opened to the public.

The park was created after the former Tilbury School site closed, and had originally been scheduled to open in June 2014. 

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