Cleaner and Greener

We would invest more to ensure that local communities can enjoy cleaner, safer and more attractive streets. Residents' concerns about our local environment should be taken seriously.

We know that residents want their local parks to be clean and safe; they want grass verges properly maintained; they want footpaths safe to walk on, fly-tipping tackled and the streets kept clear of litter.

Labour don’t take these issues seriously. They have repeatedly chosen to cut services that make our neighbourhoods nice places to live in order to fund extra spending in the city centre. There needs to be a fairer balance.

The Lib Dems will invest more in the services that directly benefit your community so that residents can enjoy cleaner, safer and better maintained neighbourhoods.

Air pollution and action to protect local biodiversity are also on our agenda.

Last time we ran Hull City Council, we doubled household waste recycling. We need to be ambitious and really show leadership on green issues.