Value for Money

Lib Dems know that Council Tax is an unfair tax that bears no relation to people’s ability to pay it. A Lib Dem council will lobby the Government to replace Council Tax with a fairer system.

Locally, we know that the Council has less money than ever before – so all the more reason that every penny is spent wisely on services people really need and value.

We would set the right priorities and we believe the Council should lead by example.

We would look to reduce Council costs by reducing the number of Special Responsibility Allowances for councillors. Hull City Councillors should focus on how they can best serve residents.

As well as reducing paid positions for councillors, we would make savings by reviewing Council functions, reducing glossy printing costs, and improving the delivery of in-house services. The Lib Dems would get the Council's house in order before inflicting needless cuts on the public.

Nationally, Lib Dems want to see fairer funding for local councils. We will press the Government to make sure Hull gets a fairer deal.